Olivier Slabiak

Olivier Slabiak


Originally a trained violonist (he was named 1st price at Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles), Olivier founded the gypsy and Yiddish music band Les Yeux Noirs with his brother in 1992. Eight albums have been recorded so far. It’s across this adventure amidst his own Eastern-European Jew origins that Olivier developed a taste for electronic sonorities. There he gradually mixed up the traditional songs to a pop and electro-acoustic universe. He is fascinated by all this recovery process of old songs. He enjoys merging sounds with music fields or modern rhythms with traditional songs….It’s not about diversion but rather about a mutual exchange of sensitivities or the encounter of two opposite identities.

Being fond of music videos he often composed for short-movies and drama plays and also for the Chagall’s exhibition at the Musée du Luxembourg. With the help of a pianist and two opera singers, he is currently taking part in the writing of a show with both electro and Slavic classic music.

  • Chagall
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    Chagallicon video
  • A Un Poil Près
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    A Un Poil Près icon video
  • Let It Bee
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    Let It Bee icon video
  • Erwan Balança, la nature du photographe
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    Erwan Balança, la nature du photographeicon video
  • Erwan Balança 2
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    Erwan Balança 2icon video
  • Erwan Balança 3
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    Erwan Balança 3icon video



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