Cedric Dayou - Svein Lemarie

Cedric Dayou - Svein Lemarie


They are the spine and the leading thread of VS and are also both co-workers in XS Production. This composing duo work close together to elaborate music tracks that can go through catchy and pop-sounding ballads, poetry and orchestral flights, groovy and electro layers with a typical French Touch or electro-rock riffs – reminding of Kasabian, Coldplay or M83. Gradually, their music have already been used by fashion designer Jean-Paul Knott, France 2 (On the TV Serie “Clash”) and France 3 (Des Racines Et Des Ailes).

  • Cedric Dayou
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  • Svein Lemarie
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  • XS Bande Demo
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  • Monaco Parfums Man
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  • Monaco Parfums Woman
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  • Bande démo 2017
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