Romain Rosenblatt discovered music when he was 8, starting with the piano. Soon, he put his music sheets away and started composing and recording his own ideas. His first inspirations may be Afro-American, Funk, Soul, Rap or R’nB. But he was quickly faced with the numerous and varying requests from record, movie, TV, commercial, fashion or video games companies and eventually extended his songwriting to any kind of music, without exception.

He has been a protagonist in the records industry and has generously helped currently famous artists to reach their popularity. Today he often writes and composes for French and international artists and in the meantime is also one of Chancy Publishing’s associates.

To mention some of them, he composed for Capa, BigBen, France 3, Kylotonn, Arte, 13 productions, Palette, LCP, RTBF, WHAC, Les Films du Nord, Simone Pérèle, Burberry, ACCAAN, Atlantic Records, Warner or Def Jam...As a regular visitor to the Cannes Festival, Romain is currently working on several full-length films.

  • Générique Dossier K
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    Générique Dossier Kicon video
  • Sanglots Longs Fusillés
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    Sanglots Longs Fusillésicon video
  • Sanglots Longs Liquidés
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    Sanglots Longs Liquidésicon video
  • Destins Croisés
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    Destins Croisésicon video
  • Gaz De France
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    Gaz De Franceicon video
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