Duo of composers brought together by their common passions for music, cinema, the creative process, writing and experimental sound studio, Jean-Christophe Onno and Pierre-Stéphane Favier founded Soundfiction to further develop their expertise in Sound illustration. Fusion of pop, folk, blues, electro, abstract hip-hop, contemporary or orchestral universes, they have been shown in advertising (TGV ID, Citroën, BNP, L'Oréal, Danone, Audi, XXL) Of the film, Jean-Christophe Onno even winning the prize for the best feature-length music at the CINEMED in 2012 and realizing those of "Brooklyn" and "Beijing Story". At the same time, they pursued a career as an interpreter for Jean-Christophe Onno in his group Rouge Madame, and a songwriter "veteran" for Pierre-Stéphane Favier with a catalog available of 80 songs and fifty instrumentals.

  • Jean-Christophe Onno
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    Jean-Christophe Onnoicon video
  • PS Favier
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    PS Faviericon video
  • Chroniques D'une Cour De Récré
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    Chroniques D'une Cour De Récré icon video
  • Brooklyn
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    Brooklynicon video
  • Pub XXL
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    Pub XXLicon video
  • Audi / Race Symbiosis
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  • Audi / Rouge Perfect
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    Audi / Rouge Perfecticon video
  • Beijing Story
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    Beijing Storyicon video
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