After the album Chair memories, indie rock indie rock kaleidoscope, dark and brutal, promoted by Amanda Palmer's Dresden Dolls, Jiben Sire returns solo and looks again at the light. First album of acoustic pop entirely realized with a virtual material, November is an attempt to express all the part of femininity, nostalgia and delicacy of a broken bear in struggle against a sclerosing and painful disease. It is a handicap race on a virtual track, the first aspect having justified the second. It is the chaotic encounter between the harshness of an entire temperament, unfit for compromises and the lace of arrangements and rich and refined melodies where piano and strings dialogue, carried by a warm and intimate voice. November could be seen as a reverie where melancholy disputes with irony, an ode without illusion to what might be the beauty of the world, if only ... In summary: a contrast between rich melodies with refined arrangements carried by A warm voice, an open fight against sickness and disability, a virtual experience.

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  • November
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  • Sleepless night
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