Ed Wood Jr

Ed Wood Jr


For their 2015 comeback, they took an abrasive turn with LOST.DRIVE.WATER.EXIT (Black Basset Records), four tracks gravitating between post-rock, electro and house experimentations.
It’s now April 2017 and ED WOOD JR finally releases a new full length, straight from their hometown of Lille, Northern France.
All set with a new drummer with an impressive cv (Carla Bosulich, Wolvennest, Sum Of R, …), ED WOOD JR is getting ready to hit the road to present THE HOME ELECTRICAL, their vision of a dark, sober and mechanic rock, the likes of Electric Electric or Mnemotechnic, but also reminiscent of Battles, Fuck Buttons or PVT.

  • Ed Wood Jr 3
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  • Ed Wood Jr 1
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  • Ed Wood Jr-6
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  • Ed Wood Jr-5
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  • Ed Wood Jr-4
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  • Live A Bruxelles
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  • Lost
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  • Medellin
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  • Outer Space
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Outer Space