Temps Calme

Temps Calme


Temps Calme is a trio from Lille which was born in 2018, we find Olivier Desmulliez (Ed Wood Jr., l'Objet...), Samuel Allain on keyboards (Black Bones) and Nicolas Degrande on drums (Roken Is Dodelijk, Louis Aguilar).

"Meteo France panics, Smart Bison sees red. The wind blows the guitars, sweeps away the keyboards, inflates the sails of the drums. Fahrenneit and Celcius sing and are shaggy. I'm no fortune-teller but I imagine a gentle gust, a caressing hurricane. The bushes are caracoling in the desert, the trio on their heels. Calm weather, storm warning? Who knows, the seasonal normals are lying all the time and the link is untraceable " Nicolas Bourgeot

  • Temps Calme presse
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    Temps Calme presseicon video
  • Temps Calme presse V2
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    Temps Calme presse V2icon video
  • Aquafalling
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    Aquafallingicon video
  • Emie
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    Emieicon video
  • Le son de la semaine - France 3 - 30.01.2020
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    Le son de la semaine - France 3 - 30.01.2020icon video



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