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Back Catalogue Folk/Blues

Band : Lull / David Carroll

Lull :
This band was named after one of Radiohead’s B-side at the time of ‘Ok Computer’. This album was one of Florian Pessin’s favorites, who is at the origin of the band and whose movie and poetry references come from the New Wave’s trend. Lull deals with the fragility of feelings and their changing process: from innocence to adultery and from lightness to sadness. While the thematic influences are rather French, Lull’s music definitely sounds North-American and finds its balance between folk, soul and rock music.

David Carroll :
In those dark, individualistic and disenchanted times, creativity ought to maintain a glimmer of hope. That’s precisely what drove this Irish-jew songwriter to get closer to the “protest songs” tradition - the same one carried by Woodie Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen. But to quote Alain Badiou’s theory in his writing “Eloge de l’Amour”: no Eros, no rebellion. Like the two sides of a coin, love and political devotion are like the Yin and the Yang of all rebelling types of music. Rock & Roll, Punk, Hip Hop, Techno...In the end, all these means of expression have a common will: to raise the spirits and move the bodies.
And what if revolution was actually sexy? Alain Badiou, Sigmund Freud or James Joyce would definitely not contradict us about that…

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  • Holding On To Love
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  • Wasted Afternoons
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  • No Guarantee
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Wasted Afternoons

I Don't Get It

Young & Stupid

Black Leather Jacket

Broken Cardoor Blues

Broken Household Blues


Holding On To Love


No Guarantee