Vanished Souls

Vanished Souls


Spotted at the junction of various kinds of music such as postrock, pop, folk, batucada and electronic, along with ethereal and melodic arrangements, VS released their first album (“CiTies’R’ReaL”) on September 2013. As they have been developing a whole visual concept related to music and images, the band’s composers naturally and eventually created music for short-movies, films or even fashion shows (for designer Jean-Paul Knott, for instance). They were part of the Solidays festival’s program and their music has already charmed France Inter or France 3. Today they are seriously preparing the recording of their new EP.

  • VS 1
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    VS 1icon video
  • VS 2
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    VS 2icon video
  • VS 3
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    VS 3icon video
  • Missing Children
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    Missing Childrenicon video
  • One
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    One icon video
  • Live At Solidays
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    Live At Solidaysicon video
  • Identity
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    Identityicon video
  • Industrial
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    Industrialicon video
  • 3 minutes 42
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    3 minutes 42icon video
  •  My ROM Live
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    My ROM Live icon video
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    "Hardways" Live electroicon video
  • Nauséous Live @ Forum 2017
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    Nauséous Live @ Forum 2017icon video


Missing Children


Our way



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