Tom Dorne

Tom Dorne

Musician composer

A compulsive traveller, Tom Dorne has found in music a way to create unknown worlds that he can explore without limits. Out of time and space, he draws sound geographies like a mad architect in search of his dreamland.

Tom Dorne entered the conservatory with the violin. Multi-instrumentalist, he also masters the guitar, drums, piano and some traditional instruments he found on the roads of the world. His influences are numerous; the universe of reggae, jazz, hip hop or psychedelic rock are part of his daily life.

Thanks to the MAO he will be able to show the extent of his talent with the creation of Sumac Dub (signed on the label ODGPROD and booked by Dionysiac Tour), a particularly harmonic and instrumental project very conducive to live performance.

He is also beatmaker on various hip hop projects and sets up his own label Alsafprod. His mastery of the Ableton Live software and the development of his own Home Studio allows him to offer mixing services. Tom Dorne is also a composer of image music.

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