"By The Kingdom" first LP mixed by Peter Deime l (The Kills, Anna Calvi, Deus, etc...) and widely acclaimed by the critics made the public discover a rare Parisian band at the crossroads between cold wave, post punk and electric rock: Tazieff. Dark, beautiful and racy, Tazieff defend their first album on the road, they open for Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth) at the BBMIX festival and then play at the Chorus festival. Tazieff quickly finds his audience seduced by tracks such as 'lnescapable', 'Multiply' and the implacable single 'The Line'. In 2018, at the end of a cycle, Tazieff goes back to the studio with the desire to recreate himself. Leaving free rein to experimentation and their most pop influences, the 3 artists are more focused on textures, the relevance of the sounds, the moment, just the right balance between the strength of their guitars and the variety of ambiances. Listening to this first EP recorded and mixed by Léonard Mule at the Poisson Barbu at the Goutte D'Or (Paris), we find intact Tazieff's DNA, but also references to bands like Wild Beasts, Television, Tropical Fuck Storm, or The National. Carried by Kubik, the first single of the next EP (released in Mayi on Differ-Ant), Tazieff comes back eclectic and alive.

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  • The Prisoner
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  • The Line
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Pale Morning

By The Kingdom



A Million Whys

My Princess Ate A Spider