DJ Click / Click Here !

DJ Click / Click Here !

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He is a real protagonist in the cultural mix of music, an A & R manager and the producer of his label “No Fridge”: long since DJ Click has been the acting partner for the most fiery projects. He worked along with the extroverted Rona Hartner for Gypsyish cultures, with the Moroccans Gnawa Njoum from Essaouria, or with his own electro-jazz team UHT°. One must also mention his Brazilian mixes for Zuko 103, Dj Dolorès or with the Africanist Issa Bagayogo.

On stage or in studio he collaborated with Transglobal Underground, Marcelinho da Lua, Dhoad, Smadj,Les Hamadcha de Fés. He produced around ten albums in his own studio and many remixes such as those of Manu Chao, Whatcha Clan, Warsaw Village Band, Mahala Raï Banda, Burhan Öçal, Boogie Balagan or Rachid Taha, and he also featured on renowned compilations.

As a music alchemist, Click invents a new style: digital folk. He produces a music that has no frontier and mixes urban to rural but also a human dimension to the mechanic of electronic sounds.

He was booked in the main festivals, clubs, international music exhibitions (Womex 2006, Babel Med 2009, AWME 2011, ApaMM 2012, Medimex 2012, Porto Musical 2013, SOTX 2014). Going from South Korea to Brazil, from the Balkans to Australia, from North Africa to Japan, he spreads his own style all around the world whether it is through his mixes as DJ Click, or through his live performance as Click Here!

Also, his very specific sound has already charmed movie-makers like Alfonso Cuaron (« Children Of Men ») and Fatih Akin (« De L’Autre Côté ») but also the production of the Australian TV serie Underbelly.

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