David Carroll

David Carroll


He was born in the protesting Dublin of the 1970’s, during the revival of folk music. His father was an American-Irish writer and a refusenik of Vietnam and his mother was a polyglot, red-haired hippie and Czech-Austrian jew. David grew up along with the sound of a growing hip-hop in the Eastern suburb of Paris. After 10 years of electronic experimentations, he started writing songs. In 2009 he published “The Guest” which is his first Folk-Rock album, released by his own label MILK MUSIC. After having toured for four years all around Europe and the US - both solo or with his band - the time has come for a second album on which he took the risk to write songs both influenced by traditional music (blues, folk and country) and electro music.


In those dark, individualistic and disenchanted times, creativity ought to maintain a glimmer of hope. That’s precisely what drove this Irish-jew songwriter to get closer to the “protest songs” tradition - the same one carried by Woodie Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and Bruce Springsteen. But to quote Alain Badiou’s theory in his writing “Eloge de l’Amour”: no Eros, no rebellion. Like the two sides of a coin, love and political devotion are like the Yin and the Yang of all rebelling types of music. Rock & Roll, Punk, Hip Hop, Techno...In the end, all these means of expression have a common will: to raise the spirits and move the bodies.

And what if revolution was actually sexy? Alain Badiou, Sigmund Freud or James Joyce would definitely not contradict us about that…

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  • Holding On To Love
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